The Rescuers Down Under Cody & Marahute Production Drawings (1990) - ID: jul22052

The Rescuers Down Under Cody & Marahute Production Drawings (1990) - ID: jul22052 Walt Disney




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A pair of production drawings from the Walt Disney Studios animated film "The Rescuers Down Under" (1990). Featuring Marahute and Cody, the drawings are on two separate pieces of paper but were used within the same scene, and they have matching frame numbers. We've added a digital composite image that shows how these two images may have aligned with one another. The graphite drawings were created at the studio by Mike Cedeno and subsequently used during the animation process. Both sheets measure 12.5"x17" overall, with the character image of Marahute measuring 9.5"x13.5", and the image of Cody measuring 3.5"x5". The drawings are in fine condition with minimal wrinkling and dimpling throughout.

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