1987 Star Tours Inaugural Flight Poster and Boarding Passes - ID: aprdisneyland17332


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24" x 17"
Price: $500.00
SKU: aprdisneyland17332

This is a rare set of Inaugural Flight passes, and promotional materials for Disneyland's Star Tours Attraction. Star Tours opened in 1987, and as is standard, the park opened the ride to employees before it opened to the public. This is a set that includes one of the Inaugural Flight promotional posters that would have been posted up for employees to see backstage, a set of 6 unused boarding passes, and the sleeve from the tickets. This is a very rare set and it is in excelent condition with a small ding to the lower corner. The poster measures 24" x 17". The poster will ship rolled, and the tickets will ship separately in a flat package.

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