Mythology Wonder Woman Lithograph Print - ID: aprrossAR0188ML

Mythology Wonder Woman Lithograph Print - ID: aprrossAR0188ML Alex Ross




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Only AP and PP editions are currently available. “Mythology: Wonder Woman,” is an Alex Ross illustration for the hardcover book Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross. With lightning speed the Amazon Warrior fends off a barrage of bullets as she protects the innocent from their shared enemies. Ross’s portrayal captures both the fierce strength and beauty of Wonder Woman, DC Comics most beloved heroine. Measuring 15.5"x14.5“, the lithograph on paper print was produced in a limited standard series of 250 pieces as an Exclusive Special Release.

This print comes directly from the publisher and is ordered at the time of purchase. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery within the United States. Please contact us with any questions regarding delivery or availability.

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